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Buy Mini Fridge or Refrigerator for less than Rs 2500, you will get many great features



Buy Mini Fridge or Refrigerator for less than Rs 2500, you will get many great features

It’s too hot right now. Although the monsoon is about to arrive, you will still need a refrigerator. But, if your usage is not much, you can buy a mini fridge or refrigerator for yourself.

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Its price is much lower. they are portable. Because of this, you can easily take it anywhere with you. Its price is also quite. Because of this, if your need is less, you can buy a mini fridge for yourself.

Mini Fridge or Refrigerator can be used to cool cold drinks. Apart from the car, you can also use it in the office. It can be used to make things cold or hot.

A similar Mini Fridge e-commerce site is available on Amazon. MIRU’s portable fridge is listed for Rs 2,349. Along with this, the company is also giving bank offers. The company has said that it is also an eco-friendly fridge with power saving. 

The capacity of this refrigerator is up to 7 liters. That means it is very small. You will need 12V power to operate it. It can be easily set in the car. That is, it will be of great use to you in a long journey.

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