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Now Get Instant Loan On WhatsApp In 30 Seconds Without Filling Documents



WhatsApp Loan

If urgent money is needed, now money will be arranged on WhatsApp in a pinch. Yes, it’s true. Actually, WhatsApp users can now get loans instantly by typing their names in 30 seconds. Actually, this feature has been launched by the financial wellness platform CASHe using its AI chat feature on WhatsApp.Interestingly, to avail the loan, the user does not have to provide any documents, download any app or submit any form. Now you must be thinking that how to get a loan? Let us explain everything in detail

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How to get the loan?

To get the instant loan feature with the help of CASHe, users must first save the number +91 80975 53191. Then go to the WhatsApp chat box and type a simple ‘Hi’ message. When you send this message, WhatsApp Business users will get a pre-approved loan

See the complete step-by-step process

step 1. First of all save the number +91 80975 53191 in your phone.

Step 2. Now go to WhatsApp chat box and type Hi.

Step 3. As soon as you type Hi, you will get two options. Get Instant Credit and Options.

step 4. Click on Get Instant Credit to avail loan.

Step 5. Now enter the name mentioned in the PAN card.

Step 6. Now confirm the privacy policy and terms and conditions of Cash.

Step 7. Now your PAN number will appear in front of you. Confirm it.

Step 8. After PAN number check click on Preceed to check DOB.

step 9. Now the bot will check your KYC. For this click on Proceed to Check.

Step 10. Your address will be displayed on KYC confirmation, confirm it.

Step 11. After checking all the information, you will be told whether you will get the loan or not.

How much will be the maximum loan?

Under this facility, the KYC validation and verification process will be completed and verified by AI-powered mode. Then your credit limit will be determined. This means you will be given information about the maximum loan amount that will be offered. The credit limit will be determined based on certain information you provide

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