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Now SIM will be active for a month only for Rs 19, this telecom company has launched a new plan



telecom company has launched a new plan

In the past year, carriers have made the plans too expensive. After that, keeping the SIM card active also becomes costly. But, the mobile number can now be kept active only on recharges of Rs 19 per month.

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Regarding this, BSNL has launched a plan worth Rs 19. With this plan, the SIM can remain active for 30 days. Whereas the cheapest plan with Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea has an active SIM band starting from Rs 50 to Rs 120.

However, these plans come with 4G network connectivity. While BSNL provides 3G connectivity. According to reports, BSNL’s 4G network will be launched in India on August 15. But, if you just want to keep the number active, the Rs 19 recharge plan is the best.

We tell you about the benefits available in the BSNL Rs 19 plan. This BSNL plan is valid for 30 days. The company named this plan VoiceRateCutter_19. With this recharge, the price of calls within and outside the network becomes 20 Paisa per minute.

91mobile has reported this. With this BSNL plan, even if the user does not have any data plan or balance, their number will still be active. With this, they will continue to have all the services and facilities of incoming calls.

If this plan is calculated, then from this plan you will have to spend 19 x 12 = Rs 228 only for a year. This means that for just Rs 228, your BSNL SIM will be active all year long. This plan is listed on the BSNL website in the Voice voucher plan

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