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Telegram Premium launched at Rs 469/month: Benefits Explained



Telegram's premium

Telegram has launched a paid subscription to Telegram Premium. It offers additional features to the users. Premium subscribers get up to 4 GB of file uploads, faster downloads and the ability to convert voice messages to text. Tegram has released a list of improvements for all users of the service, along with the free subscription. The company said it now has more than 700 million monthly active users.

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For Rs 469 per month, Telegram Premium is available on iPhone. The price of the Android premium subscription has not been announced yet. After paying a monthly subscription, Telegram Premium users will be able to upload up to 4 GB of data. Currently, 2 GB is the limit. Users will be able to share files and media on the app. Users who do not have a premium subscription will also be able to download files of more than 2 GB size, sent by premium subscribers. However, premium users will be able to download these files much faster

In addition, premium users will be able to follow up to 1,000 channels. You can create 20 chat folders with 200 chats. Paid users can also add a fourth account to the Telegram app. Apart from this, he will be able to save 10 favorite stickers.

Premium subscription features

  1. 4GB uploads.
  2. Faster downloads.
  3. Organize your chats into 20 folders, holding 200 chats each.
  4. Connect 4 accounts in any app.
  5. Pin 10 chats in your main list.
  6. Save 400 favorite GIFs and 10 favorite stickers.
  7. Reserve up to 20 public links.
  8. Write a longer bio for your profile and include links.
  9. Include longer captions for photos and videos.
  10. Voice-to-text transcriptions.
  11. Exclusive stickers and reactions.
  12. Profile video support.
  13. Premium badge on profile.
  14. No ads.
  15. Automatic Saving to Gallery on Android
  16. Better Bots
  17. More custom icons.

The update is not available on the Google Play Store yet. However, we can expect to see the version 8.8 update in a couple of days.

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