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UK plans to probe Apple, Google’s mobile browser dominance



Apple and Google

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the UK said it was planning to investigate the market for mobile browsers from Apple Inc and Google. Along with this, the iPhone maker had banned cloud gaming through its App Store.

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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said on Friday that it was also taking action on Alphabet Inc’s opposition to Google over its App Store payment methods. He says the two tech giants had an effective monopoly on the mobile ecosystem. Which gave him a firm grip on the operating system, app store and web browser on mobile devices.

Andrea Coscelli, CMA’s chief executive, said after a report on the mobile ecosystem that “Apple and Google hold everyone’s cards when it comes to mobile phone usage.” It added that “not only are many of their services and products great, but their strong grip on the mobile ecosystem allows them to shut down competitors, hold back the British tech sector, and limit choice.”

He said last year 97 percent of all mobile web browsing in the UK was conducted by browser engines from Apple or Google. Apart from this, Apple banned the option of its own browser on the iPhone. The CMA said they were concerned that Apple’s ability for rival browsers to differentiate itself from Safari was limited on features such as speed and function.

Apple said in a statement that it has created a safe and trustworthy experience through its ecosystem by providing users with love and a huge business opportunity for developers.

Google said that smartphones running its Android operating system offer users and businesses more options than any other mobile platform. Google’s Google Play Store has been the launchpad for millions of apps. A Google spokesperson said that “we continually review how we can best support developers, and finally responded quickly to CMA’s feedback.” He added that “we will review the report and continue to proceed with the CMA.”

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